Sustainability at Water's Edge Shoreside Suites

At Water's Edge Shoreside Suites, our clean and comfortable suites with full kitchens are just the beginning. We are proud partners with 'The Den's Refillery' sustainable & circular accommodation program. We are diverting millions of single use plastics from entering the landfill with ocean-friendly, refillable and biodegradable products. A circular economy designs out waste and pollution, regenerates natural systems and keeps products and materials in use, creating a closed loop system to help protect our planet for future generations.
We're honoured to be a part of a program that sets accommodations apart through a commitment to sustainability and circular practices. This partnership signifies our shared vision of a greener hospitality industry, where every guest experience is intertwined with responsible choices. By joining The Den's program, we're not just adopting sustainable practices; we're becoming part of a larger movement that values the environment, local communities, and the future of travel.
SCAP Sustainability Program
The Bronze tier Partner Badge Of The Den Refillery
  • Transparency First: We believe in open communication. Our guests are always informed about the sustainable nature of the amenities they enjoy during their stay.
  • Local Love: Our dedication to the environment extends to supporting our community. We prioritize sourcing amenities locally, reducing transportation emissions and bolstering the local economy.
  • Future-Focused: We see a world where travel and sustainability coexist harmoniously. By aligning with The Den's vision, we're taking proactive steps today for a greener tomorrow.
  • Community Care: Our location is more than just a venue; it's our home. We're passionate about preserving and enhancing the environment, ensuring that the natural beauty of our community thrives for generations to come.

Dive Deeper into The Den's Initiatives

Learn more About our sustainability efforts; The Den Ucluelet is at the forefront of creating a more sustainable and circular hospitality industry Locally On The West Coast. Their dedication to eliminating waste, promoting local sourcing, and championing eco-friendly practices is reshaping how accommodations operate. We invite you to explore their vision, initiatives, and the impact We're making.
Learn More About The Den's Closed Loop System
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